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1003S Yards

This unit is similar in layout to the 501, being made up of a main holding yard, 9 metre double handling race, three way draft, three drafting pens and small marking pen.

There is 52 panels and is generally purchased with an electric winch, however it also has the hand winch option available.

Complete yards unfold by one man in approx twenty five minutes.

Perfect for tailing, mulesing, race crutching and jetting.

501S Yards

The basic 501model has 33 panels and a hand winch.

This is made up of a main holding yard, 5 metre double handling race, three way draft, three drafting pens and small marking pen.

There are caster wheels on the bottom of the panels for ease in setting up, and it has a built in trailer for easy transport.

The trailer on this unit will carry up to 45 panels, therefore extra panels can be easily added.  This unit can be purchased with 33 panels up to 45 panels.

There is also the option of an electric 12volt winch.


Wheatheart Augers

Wheatheart augers are a Canadian made auger and the auger tube has steel fusion welded seams.  The flighting has long life 7/32” welded wear-edge intake with special low pitch for proven added capacity.

Sizes available:      8” / 51’ ; 8” / 46’ ; 10” / 61’

For further information on these augers please contact us.

Silo Feed-out Auger,  Pencil Pellet Auger


Seed and Super bin

The Seed and Super bin is a very simple design and has very minimal mechanical parts.  Low horse power is required and comes with a 6.5hp motor.

The 9 cubic metre bin is a 60/40 split and a roll tarp is included.  Suits an 8tonne truck with bin approx 15’ long and 7’ wide.

It has a flow rate of 3-5 bag/minute/auger.  If both augers need to run together an upgrade to a 9hp motor is required.

There are two styles of the Seed & Super bin in the augers are folded differently.

The MK1 has the auger fold along the side of the bin, whereas the MK11 has the augers fold in a lower position along the bin, where the bin needs to suit a bit further back from the front of the truck to accommodate to folded augers.

3 Minute Legs

3 Minute legs (or bin legs as they are commonly called) holds your seed & super bin while they are not required on the truck.

Four locked feet provide maximum stability.

One size to suit all standard fittings

Can be used for tanks, fire fighters, crates and bins

Conveniently fold up for storage and transportation.

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