We’ve been manufacturing agricultural and industrial equipment, equipping the Australian farming community since 1968
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    We have a dedicated team for all departments to ensure smooth operation and execution.

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    We distribute our products directly to the end users as well as through our network of dealers.

Our Services


1003S Yards

This unit is similar in layout to the 501, being made up of a main holding yard, 9 metre double handling race, three way draft, three drafting pens and small

501S Yards

The basic 501model has 33 panels and a hand winch. This is made up of a main holding yard, 5 metre double handling race, three way draft, three drafting pens and


Wheatheart Augers Wheatheart augers are a Canadian made auger and the auger tube has steel fusion welded seams.  The flighting has long life 7/32” welded wear-edge intake with special low pitch

Seed and Super bin

The Seed and Super bin is a very simple design and has very minimal mechanical parts.  Low horse power is required and comes with a 6.5hp motor. The 9 cubic metre

3 Minute Legs

3 Minute legs (or bin legs as they are commonly called) holds your seed & super bin while they are not required on the truck. Four locked feet provide maximum stability. One

Grain Cleaners

Grain cleaners are fast becoming a necessity in today farming world as farmers need to be able to get top dollar for all their grain so a cleaning solution is

Chaser Bins

McDougall Weldments produce chaser bins in sizes from 15tonne to 25 tonne capacity with unloading auger sizes 12” – 15”.  Drive on chaser bin has PTO unload auger with hydraulic


We have a small range of feeders that we can offer. These include Lot Feeders / Lick Feeders, Mobile Feeders with and   without feedout augers To find out more on the

Mobile Feeders

These tow behind mobile feeders are a tandem axle unit.These feeders come with a  roll tarp If required they can have  an auger added so it becomes an unloading auger for ick/lot

Trail Feeders

McDougall Weldments offer a variety of trail feeders from 10 bags to 45 bags. The 10 bag to 25 bag has a single axle with a pull cord lever for operation. 

Loading Race

In keeping with the transportable sheepyards, McDougall Weldments offer an adjustable mobile sheep ramp. It is approx 5.3metres long and is 1200mm wide (3sheep wide). Ramp is wound up by a hand

Why Choose Us

  • McDougall Weldments Since 1968

    We have been serving the farming community in Australia since 1968. McDougall Weldments has been and continues to support the farmers by providing them with reliable and cutting-edge agricultural and industrial equipment that ensure highest performance and efficiency under any circumstance. We bank upon our years of experience to manufacture equipment that help farmers produce top quality crops and remain the backbone of Australian industry.

  • Back Bone of the Australian farming industry

    Farming has been the backbone of the Australian Industry, but the farming community has been facing a lot of challenges in the recent years. We work with an aim to help the farmers overcome the challenges and sustain their lives as well as our society. McDougall Weldments continues with its tradition of manufacturing a wide range of quality agricultural and industrial equipment to help our framers provide us with top quality yields.

  • Lifelong Longivity

    At McDougall Weldments, we have been dedicated to manufacture cutting-edge equipment that guarantee lifelong longevity. We use latest techniques and technologies to manufacture agricultural and industrial equipment to ensure cost-effective solutions for our clients. We also ensure that with the right maintenance, our clients will have to spend minimum time and effort after the repair of the equipment manufactured at our facilities and that they will continue to serve them for the longest period of time.

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