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Grain Cleaners

Grain cleaners are fast becoming a necessity in today farming world as farmers need to be able to get top dollar for all their grain so a cleaning solution is required to get this achieved.

McDougall Weldments have the solution for you.  Our unit is designed to operate between header and the field bin. We have a cleaning module that incorporates a blower module that removes light grain and contaminates, blowing them into the screenings bin.

There is 3 screens wide x 3 screens long which allows the grain to be thoroughly cleaned.

Where only the cleaning module is purchased, an addition auger is required to move it to a field bin or for storage.

A larger unit is available with onboard storage.



Chaser Bins

McDougall Weldments produce chaser bins in sizes from 15tonne to 25 tonne capacity with unloading auger sizes 12” – 15”.  Drive on chaser bin has PTO unload auger with hydraulic floor auger.

Included on the Chaser bin is a roll tarp and new industrial tyres.

PTO unload auger with PTO floor auger is another option available.


We have a small range of feeders that we can offer. These include Lot Feeders / Lick Feeders, Mobile Feeders with and   without feedout augers

To find out more on the feeder you require click on the appropriate cartier replica title where it will be described in

Mobile Feeders

These tow behind mobile feeders are a tandem axle unit.These feeders come with a  roll tarp

If required they can have  an auger added so it becomes an unloading auger for ick/lot feeders orologi replica with a Honda motor supplied for the discharge operation .



Trail Feeders

McDougall Weldments offer a variety of trail feeders from 10 bags to 45 bags.

The 10 bag to 25 bag has a single axle with a pull cord lever for operation.  Roll tarp can be purchased as an extra if required.

We have a 45 bag feeder, with a division in bin available.  This is a tandem axle feeder with a roll tarp and a 6.5hp motor.

An unloading auger can be added on the 45 bag feeder with a choice of the positioning, eg. rear or side.

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