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McDougall Weldments has been operating in Australia since 1968 and are dedicated to manufacture top quality agricultural and industrial equipment. We believe that quality is one of the most important aspects of equipment manufacturing, so we adhere to the highest standards of agricultural and industrial equipment manufacturing in Australia.

We believe in empowering Australian farmers, so we design and manufacture equipment that can withstand the harsh environmental conditions of Australian weather. This is why we ensure all our products undergo rigorous testing before they are released to the market. We take pride in offering innovative solutions for the framing community that will help them progress further and survive the challenges.

Our mission is to equip the farming community with cutting-edge agricultural and industrial equipment so that they can continue to be the backbone of the Australian Industry.

We also understand that the agricultural industry is ever-evolving and farmers’ needs change frequently; hence, we make sure the equipment we manufacture is in sync with the needs and requirements of new-age farmers. We work closely with the farming community and experts who help us improve the quality of equipment and innovate our solutions.

We have been serving the farming community since 1968, and we continue with our traditions of providing farmers with the best-quality agricultural and industrial equipment so that they can achieve their goals quickly and efficiently.

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We dedicate our success to our team of highly qualified and skilled staffs who have helped McDougall Weld reach where it is today. We have been fortunate to have the support of our hard working and dedicated staffsand  it would have been impossible for us to grow the company to such extent without them.

We have a dedicated team for all departments to ensure smooth operation and execution. We have dedicated team for customer service department, sales department, product management, marketing department and so on. We employ highly qualified professionals and make sure they undergo rigorous training. Each of our staff members dedicate themselves to provide the farming community with the best and most innovative solutions that will ensure prosperity for both the community as well as the nation. Our staffs have deep industry and management knowledge, so they can easily assess the needs of the end users and design solutions accordingly.



McDougall Weldments provides a comprehensive range of high-quality equipment for the farming community in Australia. We distribute our products directly to the end users as well as through our network of dealers. We have rapidly grown to be the #1 agricultural and industrial equipment manufacturer in Australia, and this has become possible due to our sheer dedication and eye for quality and precision.

At McDougall Weld, we are dedicated to looking at new ways to manufacture and develop agricultural and industrial products to meet the demands of our end users. We use advanced in-house designing and manufacturing systems, which, along with the support of highly qualified and skilled staff, ensure the quality and reliability of our products are maintained. The packing, shipping and product handling are handled by our logistics experts, which is why we can ensure timely delivery of the equipment so that our clients can get started with their work without delay.

At McDougall Weldments, we keep customer service at the top of our priority list, so we continuously encourage our clients to provide us with their valuable feedback so that we can improve our equipment and provide better solutions.

With around 50 years of experience in manufacturing of agricultural and industrial equipment, we guarantee the best solutions for our farmer friends.


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